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Published in Crafting - 18 Feb 2019
Dance, Dance and Dance some more
Today I will dance. Today I will dance out my heart and my soul I will dance them away Today I dance for years gone by Today I will dance Today I will dance...
I feel it’s time to honour my Muse. Like all creative people I have a Muse. I may also suffer from delusions of grandeur but that is best left up to the mental health professionals to decide. Miss Muse is a delightful soul, she is also...
Published in Crafting - 06 Aug 2019
Published in Crafting - 06 Feb 2019
Perfect.....or not.
I’ve been doing many different types of hand crafts for as long as I can remember and over this time, I have had to learn to be less critical of my work. We all...
Crafting For My Sanity
Over the years I have found that we are pigeon holed within the formal workspace. We are given the same repetitive task to do day after day. Admittedly it may be something different in terms of content but the techniques remain the same. How...
Published in All Categories - 30 Jan 2019

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