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Published in Hippie Soul Girl - 16 Feb 2019
Gemini Rising
Gemini Rising We seem to be quite a complicated star sign but being a Gemini, it does make sense to me (I speak only for myself). The essential characteristics...
Getting older is not for sissies ……. A revelation after turning 50 had brought some fascinating insights. Traditionally, a couple of years ago, women in their fifties were seen as sweet grandmothers who stayed at home. However, maybe it...
Published in Hippie Soul Girl - 05 Jun 2019
Published in All Categories - 07 Feb 2019
African Folklore - The Tortoise & the Osprey
A long long time ago the tortoise was determined to learn to fly. His wife often used to tell him not to set sail using someone else’s star but he was really...
Reflections of my life
Reflecting on my life and my current headspace - I wonder if my heart always beat to a hippie tune. I don’t think so; actually, I know it didn’t. I think its good to reflect on your life’s journey because that is the essence of who...
Published in Hippie Soul Girl - 23 Jan 2019
Why is blogging so popular?
Blogging is the NEW ‘THANG', and not everybody knows why it is so powerful. Here are some ideas that may explain this phenomenon. It creates an opportunity to start up a home-based business. It can start as a hobby and then turn...
Published in Hippie Soul Girl - 21 Jan 2019
Published in Hippie Soul Girl - 11 Jan 2019
Would I have loved to attend Woodstock 1969?
Well, being a Hippie Chickie and all – I was thinking ……… (combining...
Published in Hippie Soul Girl - 11 Jan 2019
Why I consider myself to be a Hippie Chick
Although I would imagine that hippie chickies are amongst the most intriguing and/or exciting women to be around, I get that we are not everybody’s cup of tea....

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