Beautifully Broken
by Janine Milliken
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Mom is away the kids shall misbehave....
All Categories - 2019-07-10
We are in the poop....... let's laugh
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Me and my goose
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My family and other animals
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Published in All Categories - 13 Aug 2019
Unsupervised day out
By Janine Milliken My parents and I ventured into the bush, with a very kind friend driving us, to climb a kopje so we could pray at the top of it. It was spiritually...
Faith and Fun
By Janine Milliken.................... and how do I get popular on these blogs!!!!! I need to make money but I am too fat to be a dancer, too loud to be a student, would be gagged if I was a lawyer and would be a bad influence if I was a teacher...
Published in All Categories - 28 Oct 2019
Published in All Categories - 07 Aug 2019
Drama Free Bubble
By Janine Milliken In one week I have managed to walk into a concrete block splitting open my ankle. I have tripped up a step and ended up flying into a closed...
Goose, gnomes and socks
By Janine Milliken You know how your socks seem to make a disappearing act as soon as they hit the laundry basket. Interestingly, I found a sock of mine hanging outside my gate on a cactus bush. I go past that cactus every day and really...
Published in All Categories - 05 Aug 2019
My family and other animals
By Janine Milliken When I went for my pain injection this morning with my Doctor, my dad who accompanies me as I cannot drug and drive, was hanging out the Doctor’s window to see if someone was breaking into our car. My dad was convinced...
Published in All Categories - 30 Jul 2019
Published in All Categories - 22 Jul 2019
Hazard to myself
By Janine Milliken I am a walking disaster right now. I have managed...
Published in All Categories - 19 Jul 2019
Fashionable homeless look
By Janine Milliken I have broken my right hand, which is a good thing as I am left-handed. So the really good news is I am capable of wiping my bottom. I would...

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Parrot vs Aunty