Change for accredited employers suggested by the Minister of Immigration in a consultation discussion document released in December 2018.

The objective of the New Zealand work visa policy is to allow employers access to global skills and a diverse group of employees who can contribute to New Zealand economy.

There is a proposed change in Immigration Policy with regards to accredited companies when applying for work visa's that are employer-assisted. The Talent (Accredited Employer) visa's being one of these. Soon only accredited companies can offer employment to migrants.

There is currently a shortage of employees with suitable skills within the local labour market, and having accreditation status allows employers the flexibility to hire offshore workers. The positions that these individuals would fill are roles within the company, which will not undermine the conditions of local workers based onshore.

An employee can apply to become accredited by being:
financially stable;
have excellent quality work practices and procedures that comply with labour and employment laws;
be committed to upskilling their employees.

The current requirement for a talent visa is a gross annual salary of at least $55,000, be under the age of 56 and have the standard requirements for the approval of a work visa, i.e. health and character requirements. The intention is to increase the remuneration threshold to $78,000.

An advantage is that no labour marketing testing will be required to meet the higher remuneration threshold. Alternatively, a market labour market test is exempt if employment falls under the new proposed Regional Skilled Shortage List.

An incentive for the employee is that they can apply for residence after working two years on a talent visa.



Change in policy for accredited employers

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