We all know that feeling: when you’re feeling nauseous and your stomach is upset or sore and you can’t seem to keep anything down, sometimes even water. A friend told me about an old remedy that his mom used to give to him when he was kid. He’s used it through his life and when he told me to try it, it really did wonders. Actually I was amazed at how effective it was. While writing this article, I scoured the internet trying to find out where it might have originated from, or possibly how it works so well. But alas, there doesn’t even seem to be mention of it anywhere.

It seems to work well for stomach cramps, upset stomach, stomach bugs, vomiting and nausea and it seems that it’s safe for young children also. It goes like this:

Pour half a cup of brandy into a saucer, ensuring that the saucer you are using is heat proof or microwave safe. Turn out the lights so that you can see what’s happening. Light the brandy using a lighter and wait for the flame to completely die out by itself. This burning essentially gets rid of all the alcohol and causes some kind of reaction that makes this remedy so effective. The flame will burn yellow at first, and gradually die down to a bluish flame, and eventually die out completely. Remember to make sure that your saucer or pan is heat proof. Glass, unless its heat proof, will explode from the immense heat.

Once the flame has died out, give it a minute to cool and then pour it into a cup. Drink while it’s still warm. The thought of it will probably have you heaving – but the relief is practically instant.

If it doesn’t work quite so well the first time, repeat the remedy again six hours later. And if there is still no improvement, as Microsoft Windows would say, you’ve run into a problem that this troubleshooter can’t help you with! See a doctor, it’s probably something quite serious.

Incidentally while searching the internet for any information I could find about this remedy, I happened upon something else that the Irish seems to swear by. A mixture of Brandy and Port (a really sweet red wine). I’ve never tried this remedy, but the thought of the alcohol irritating my stomach would put me off trying it. (Note that in the remedy above, all the alcohol burns away).

Leave a comment below and let me know if this remedy works for you.

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Remedy for Upset Stomach that Works

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I would then vomit and have no more problem lol
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