I was casually scrolling through Facebook one evening, when I came across the featured picture in this blog post. The original Facebook post had been shared by one of my friends and it caught my curiosity. I clicked through to the original post which was on a Facebook group called Rate My Plate with a caption that said, “Roast Chicken Dinner by Taylor H”.

The group describes itself as “a community full of members that love to share whatever is on their dinner plate.” Besides sharing, the public could rate the meal based on how appetizing it looked and even get the recipe. Previous posts had not garnered much attention – but this particular post was starting to go viral and would soon get attention from all over the internet, including LadBible. To date the post has received 19,000 reactions, 10,000 shares and 148,000 comments.

I was interested to find out what the picture was about, so I decided to read a few comments. I was immediately howling with laughter and ended up spending the next several hours reading all of the comments. Some of the initial comments had sparked off a competition to see who could come up with the most hilarious comment. I thought it would make a great blog post, so I saved the Facebook post in order to come back to it later.

This post reproduces some of the more hilarious comments: WARNING: Some comments contain vulgar language and may induce rib cracking laughter.

Your chickens still clucking love 😂😂😂😂 -Nicole M.

Some fucking chicken eating my sausage dinner 😂😂 -Nicky R.

That chicken is still fit to cross the road 😂 -Scott W.

Chicken seasoned and given a easy 15mins at 40c in the tumble dryer -Matthew W.

Is this your sort of romantic dinner for your poor wife? 😂🤣 -Bee N.

Amazed the chicken stayed on the plate long enough for the photo. Be dancing about the kitchen shortly -James K.

That chicken is so rare, Attenborough has just finished a documentary about it! - Graham W.

Chickens a tad over done but the rest looks fabulous. -James T.

Will probably look nice when it's cooked -Mark M.

What u cook that chicken with a hair dryer!! -Kate R.

[Friend Tagged] > I reckon you’d still eat that...stomach of steel 🤣🤣 -Victoria P.

Just leave the chicken in the comments, it’ll be roasted enough -Thomas E.

I’ve seen gingers come back from holidaying in Antarctica with a better tan than that chicken. -Amanda M.

The rest of that chicken is laying eggs for tomorrow's breakfast -Paul W.

Did the other half of this chicken take the fuckin picture 😷😷 -Emma O H.
I think of fuckin organ donation every time i see it 🤢 -Emma O H.

Wheres the vomit react[ion] I think this picture gave me salmonella -Becca C.

The chicken is still crossing the fucking road. -David W.

Thanks for the recipe! Looks great! [This was followed by a picture of a raw whole chicken still in it's packaging on a plate with a knife and fork!] -Nic C.

[Friend who is assumed to be a vetrinarian was tagged] Get over here. We have a chicken with no pulse. -Gareth T.

Was it cooked in this [Picture of a childs toy over was inserted] -James Woolmer

The only roasting this chicken experienced is in this thread -Landen F.

That chicken is so raw it still wants to fight Peter Griffin -Sophi K.

As a chef I highly reccomend you never cook a meal ever again. Then again if you eat that you might not have to. -Darryl Q.
- I mean, can you call it cooking? -Lee M.
- I work as a cook to and this is giving me heart palpertations looking at it -Laura F.
- Looking at that chicken, I don't think they have *cooked* a meal 😂😂😂 -Chris T.

I would recommend eating this near a bathroom, call work and tell them you ain’t coming in, get LOTS of water and wait for storm ahead. -Ieuan J.

I’d put it back on the radiator for a bit longer mate - El C.

Looks like a whole lot of food poisoning to me -Matt B.

Theres slow cookers and then this 😂 -Ashleigh H.

Looks like my nans hip replacement -James H.

Why does your chicken look like Steve Bruce getting suffocated with cling flim? - Carl D.

A good vet could bring that chicken back -Lucinda H.

I wondered what I’d done with them.....😳 [Inserts picture of fake breast implants] -Gina K.

I've seen more colour on a snow mans cock - Rich A.

Iv caught salmonella just looking at this shit. -Chantelle W.

Mate the lightbulb in your oven isn’t what cooks food. -Christine G.

Did you put suncream on that chicken before you cooked it? -Dan H.

Can anyone give these 2 chickens a good home? Asking for the RSPCA -Chris M.

Any chance the mother in law Can pop round for dinner? -Brad H.

Congrats on finding an organ donor -Stu M.

You’ll be bum-sick if you eat that chicken -Mike K.

I just entered this meal into my new diet app and an ambulance has turned up ! -Dougie S.

That chicken looked like me waking up from the sesh this morning 😂😂 20 mins CPR on that and it will be running around the garden again 😂😂 -Elias J.T.

You ever think " thank fuck I'm not in that family" when you see other peoples dinners? -Connlaoth D.

Took the phrase 'from farm to fork' a little too literal. -Victoria V.

Looks like that orc from lord of the rings -Jack H.

I need to unfollow this group. Almost went into premature labour looking at that monstrosity. -Kate V.

Are you still alive ?..... Well the fucking chicken is -Joshua W.

I’d prefer to go to a pool party at Michael Barrymore’s -Scarlet N.

Just looking at that chicken gave me the shits -Mike C.

Someone is hoping to pull a sicky off work tomorrow -Stu G.

Is That a chicken thigh or your grandads colostomy bag? -Cal T.

Think that chicken needs a few hours more in the kettle -Neil B.

Let me guess. The chicken was cooked over a match for almost 4 seconds. -Matthew D.

That chicken looks like it’s gonna walk off the plate -Robin H.

Why did the chicken cross the road?
Because you didn't fucking cook it. -Lena L.

What did you roast it with a candle? -David P.

This has SAM & ELLA'S name written all over it 👍 -David M.

Still got a fucking heart beat 🤔🤔🤔 -Peter T.

You know when you roast something it means cook it? Not insult it? -Becca E.

I’ve seen more colour on an Albino -Michael S.

The chickens loving it, it thinks it’s been taken oot for its dinner🤪 -John C.

If you wake up in the morning I’ll be extremely surprised -Nick M.

You'll be bleeding out ya arse by breakfast ha ha ha -Lee S.

What time u cooking the chicken lol -Orla M.

Fuck me, all that needs is the kiss of life and it'll be back squeezing eggs out if it's arse in no time -Jamie H.

If gollum was aborted and then boiled & served with Kermit the frog's fingers and aunt Bessies mongshire pudding & baby Shit gravy... Then that would be this dinner. 2/10 & I'm being kind. I wouldn't give it to a fucking dog -Kevin H.

They just found a footballer & pilot in the English channel in better condition than that chicken [The Columbia plane crash had happened a few days before.] -Peter W.

That chicken is even paler than Ronald Weasley [Harry Potter] -Stuart L.

That chicken look like it’s only done 6mins at quick tan -Anth H.

Looks like Gemma Collins arms 🤢 -Ed E.

Did you just show it to the oven?? -Moggy M.

Did you get half way through cooking dinner and take your oven to cash converters then thought fuck it I’ll have the chicken raw -Dylan M.

Just a heads up for next time: if you turn the oven on it will help -Chris B.

Gotta love your chicken medium rare.. no better way. What's a bit of stomach cramp and projectile vomiting between friends! -Lee E.

The tea towel looks tastier than those green beans -James M.

You're going to shit yourself inside out if you eat that chicken..🤢 -Nicole M.

Jesus Christ you’d of had better luck cooking it in the tumble dryer. The poor things still clucking🐓🐓 -Mia D.

Chicken looks HIV positive -Matty M.

Vegans would be going ape right now. Not only did the chicken die... But you made it come back alive again. Jesus christ. Skills that.. Worst fucking dinner I've seen in me life. -Katie L.

A good vet would get that up and running 🏃‍... just saying...! -Jane M.

You gonna cook that chicken babe? Or you looking for a few days off work? 🤔 -Maxim H.

Roast chicken dinner, by Sam and Ella -Olly T.

If you cooked that chicken for as long as you cooked those beans, you might have half a chance at surviving this meal. -James A.

Even the green beans are trying to slide over the potatoes and off the plate, to get the fuck away from that chicken -Brad B.

Chicken looks like it's been cooked in the fridge -Levi O.

Chicken seasoned with water and wishful thinking -Andrew R.

That chicken looks like casper [the friendly ghost] had a brother -Zack M.

I can still see that chickens heart beat -Dan M.

Only slightly more cooked then my chicken and chips yesterday 😂 [inserts picture of live chickens in the garden eating fries.] -Mel M.

You need to hurry up and eat that, that chicken is literally going to get up and leg it off the plate..... it's still alive 🤦🏻‍ -Emma C.

That chicken is as raw as my arsehole during gay pride week in Gran Canaria -Kieran L.V.

Looks like a 3-D scan at 20 weeks. Congratulations on having twins. -Steve I.

Was this roasted over a birthday candle? -Nathan C

Fucking hell Taylor, did you cook that chicken in the microwave? 3 minutes on defrost? -Richard R.

I would rather eat your diseased dishcloth than your ecoli-infested boiled bird. -Nick F.

If you eat that, you’ll be dead before the chicken -Vinny G.

Didn’t know you could still get tinned chicken from Netto -Jamie M.

Might help if you turned the fucking oven on next time 🤮 -Matt H.

Even I wouldn’t stick my Dick in this and I stick it in everything -Andrew B.

Someone fetch a defibrilator for cluck sakes -Julie P.

Jesus wept...Taylor my good man, what did you cook your chicken with? Your breath?!! Those runners looking a little limp my friend...is life really that bad to you? I hope I find another post from you soon to know you survived this meal. All the best my love x -Janisha S.

Those lips, those eyes, those raw pink chicken thighs -Chris C.

I didn't know you could cook poultry on a land mine... Now I know, and knowing is half the battle -Johnny S.

Chicken looks like it's been cooked in a gumboot full of bath water -Jake M.

Whats the deal with that chicken??Eating that would be like spinning the roulette wheel of salmonella -Cliff P.

Does your insurance company knows you cook?? -Grace A.

This chicken's still that frozen - its singing "Let It Go" -Buddy D.

I’m more cooked than that chicken. Fuck! -Paddy R.

Make sure you’ve got plenty Imodium as you will spend most of your night in the loo after that. -Doreen D.

Did you cook that hen with a hair dryer?? -Graham H.

When people say they are having a nice candlelit dinner its usually to set the romantic ambiance, not to fucking cook it with -Don S.

A decent vet could bring that bird back -Helen C.

This chicken so fuckin raw, its about to cross the fucking road -Luke M.

Did you cook the chicken in your warm car on the way home from the shops? Take it around the block a few more times.. 🤦‍🤷‍ -Di M.

I’d be too chicken too eat that 😂 -Rhian H.

That chicken is in for a shock when it wakes up. -Sean O C.

And may we all say rest in peace to Taylor H who is no longer with us. Coronor confirmed this was the last meal she ate the police did not need to investigate further. -Catt R.


Good diet plan, that one... -Alex L.

What did it look like BEFORe your cooked it? -Alan C.

Roast chicken dinner! ffs geezer, that chicken looks like it's just come off the farm and walked onto the plate!!! -Kurt B.

Even stevie wonder can see that chicken aint cooked 🤷‍ -Tar B.

Oooooo chicken sushi delicious -Paul B.

Put some toilet roll in the fridge. You'll need the relief when that chicken goes through you. It'll leave your arse like a Japanese flag. -Tipp M.

Those green beans look like they've pulled the longest shift and just got told they need to stay for overtime -Becca L.

Did you just take your plate to the supermarket and load this shit on straight from the aisle! -Lisa D.

A good vet would get that chicken back on its feet again!! -Tom W.

A Placenta looks more appetising... -Mick D.

I got the shits from just looking at that chicken! -Leigh S.

You might want to hurry up and eat the mash and beans before the fucking chicken eats it! -GW S.

180 degrees is a temperature, not an angle!! -Craig D.

Chicken looks like it’s still cluckin on the plate, yorkies are flatter than my nans titties and the greens ran away from the beans. -David M.

Put that chicken back outside, it’s not good for healthy free range chickens to be kept inside 😂 -Lauren S.

Mmm tasty...Salmonella with all the trimmings à la Iceland, i'd book a doctors appointment now before you dive in just to be on the safe side. 😨 -Jefferson V.

Fuck, the chef was more cooked than the chicken by the looks of it. -Ash M.

I believe a skilled veterinarian could restore that chicken to life 🤢 -Darren F.

What was that roasted under? A light bulb? -Owen L.

What did you do choke on a fucking Green been and cough up both your lungs -Russel O.

Electricity must have cut out 3 seconds into cooking that chicken -Nick J.

Has that chicken had 9 minutes on sun bed with a sun screen factor 50 on 😂 -April W.

Did you get the chicken and the green beans cooking times mixed up? -Jack F.

I suppose we should be giving ye credit for taking the feathers off of it... -Alex C.

Here's the new salmonella diet!! guaranteed to have you shitting out those extra pounds for days!!! -Tara I.

I dont know about a good vet been able to bring it back to life, a swift pat on the back and that would wake it up! Green beans limper than my cock after been on a 3 day bender! -Ben C.

Be sure you have enough time allocated in your diary tomorrow.... As you will be shitting out your spleen and vomiting up your lungs for the reminder of the day. -Andy O.

Medium rare, just how I like my chicken.. Said no one ever. -Gary W.

That chicken needs a spray tan!! 🤣🤢 -Keely Q.

Did u cook it on a electric blanket? -Wombie S.

I need to eat this if I’m planning on not doing anything for the next 3 days.. like living. -Nicky I.

An egg is about to fall out that fucking chicken... yuk -Kerry G.

You're meant to cook chicken in the oven, not the fridge! 🤦🏼‍ -Carleen S.

Unfortunately gravy doesn't cook chicken -Rachel W.

That chicken is more rare than the loch ness monster 🤢 -Dillon D.

What the fuck you do? Season this with imagination and hopes? cooked it in a room temperature oven? -Shaun C.

Top marks for getting that chicken to stay still while you took the photo! -Jordan P.

Did you actually put the chicken in the oven? I’m sure I could bring that fucker back to life! -Maurice W.

The whole plate looks like it needs signing up for the organ donor list -Emma P.

Winner winner ..see through dinner!!! -Leon W.

One plate of salmonella coming right up. -Adele B.

Did you season that chook with spf 50 plus. -Stevie P.

Did someone say WWE Raw??! -Will A.

I’ve eaten ice cream more cooked than that chicken -Chris D.

I’ll have the Tea towel please - it looks more appetizing -Daz L.F.

That Chicken needs to be put in the recovery position. -Darren W.

Is nobody else noticing the lumps of pudding on the side of the plate 😕 who has pudding with a roast! Goes from bad to worse 🤦🏻‍😂😂 -Shauna B.

The only thing that will be roasting is your bum hole after that chicken 🙈 -Laura F.

I'd be worried about the chicken getting up and running back into the garden -Adam T.

Did you fuckin marinade the chicken in SPF 50? -Kevin M.

What’s with your beans... they look like they’ve just got back from Glastonbury! -Chris N.

Never mind the chicken still clucking, I bet Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin on that t-towel 💀 -Melanie W.

Whoever made this needs shooting !! 😭 -Fiona H.

If the chicken was roasted as much as as Whoever made this is, it might be half cooked by now. -Renee C.

Did you cook that chicken in the fucking deep freeze? -Bryan W.

That chicken looks like it belongs in a womb 😱 -Jenna G.

The tea towel is the most appetising thing in this photo 😢 -Ed H.

Did I just see those legs move 😂😷 -June C.

Looks like one of Hannibal lecturs dinners -Karen B.

Did u try to cook that chicken with concentrated moon light? -Aaron S.

I'll bring me jump leads over to ya then you can start again 🙄🙄🙄 -Allan A.

Fuck me! You would have done better going to Iceland for a frozen ready meal!! -Trisha M.

I reckon a good vet could have that up and laying eggs in half an hour -Phoebe W.

Even the chicken has put its self in the recovery position -Chris W.

My other half wears chicken fillets that are cooked better than this -Anthony E.

Chicken needs a holiday in the bahamas -Lisa R.

Lend me your chicken so I can phone in sick -Michael W.

No chickens were harmed in the making of this roast chicken... -Kerry M.

Lol bet you had the 💩💩💩 after eating that chicken 🤮 -Liza Coates

Please can this guy comment so I know he's still alive. -Samantha G.

Think you got the cooking time mixed up between the beans and the chicken! Beans are definitely cooked 🧐 -Vicki W.

Chicken cooked on low for 6 minutes, Beans cooked on high for 6 weeks -Drew Miller

Did you slow cook that chicken in the airing cupboard? -Anthony B.

I can hear Gordon Ramsey screaming from here 😂 -Cavan H.

Looks like a freshly shaved ball bag -Dave M.

Those bits of chicken are clinging to each other for warmth -Steven V.

Should apply for “come die with me” -Aimee L.

Chicken surprise! The surprise is what you do to your bed at around 3am after eating that - Bear B.

Dunno why the f*ck you thought you needed a tea towel to carry a frozen meal to the table -Mark T.

That thing just winked at me! -Andrew D.

What sauce did you use - Campylobacter or Salmonella? -Emma w.

If that chicken is dead it’s only because its a still birth. -Dan M.

Are you secretly a vegan and hoping the chicken will run free 🐓? -Becky J.

Looks like a council estate Christmas dinner -Dan J.

Pulled out the oven before it even got a fucking sweat on! 😓 -Ross M.

Hello, 911? I’d like to report a fowl crime. Kenneth P.

Place Chicken on oven tray in the centre of the oven and cook for 55mins (45mins for fan assisted ovens) at 0°C/0°F/Gas mark 0 -Karl M.

Let me guess? This is the before shot isn’t it? -Kylie S.

It's just playing dead as defence mechanism 🐓💨😁 -Wayne V.

Must have gone to the same cookery lessons as [tags friend] - Andrea M.

When you think you ordered salami, but you ordered salmonella -Billy B.

Is yer chicken wearing a condom??? -Karen W.

Have they discovered fire where you come from yet? -Isaac P.

Thanks, I've got the squirts now. -Renee L.

I'd also suggest serving it with a week's worth of antibiotics if you're going to eat medium-rare chicken. -Kris M.

Think youve over done that chicken there ...should of took it out the oven a bit sooner -Jay N.

Fan bake doesn’t mean the fan in your lounge -Karl M.

Oh my god the chicken looks like it was running around 5 minutes ago! -Hannah M.

The Rate My Plate diet: spend 30 mins a day looking at the monstrosities posted daily and be put off food for hours. Patent pending -Leanne T.

Can’t wait to try this recipe so I can loose a stone in 48 hours -Jodey J.

Last time a bird looked that rough with a veg round it Katie Price was out with Harvey -Rick F.

Frozen yorkies and raw chicken ... yum. Ur a keeper -Holliie W.

Chicken looks like its seen a fuckin ghost 😯😂 -Leah R.

Campylobacter, salmonella and E. coli for dessert! -Kerry O.

When it said to cook it at 180°..it refers to temperature not angle! 🤪 -Mark D.

Fuck me.. that chicken is whiter than a Liam Neesan fantasy.. -Carl G.

Can I have the recipe please. I've been suffering from some constipation lately. -Helen C.

Someone’s breast implants fell out!😮 -Stanford F.

If you wait long enough you may get eggs with this meal. -Paul M.

Sweet salmonella that person's asking for a trip to the emergency department -Xavier K.

Did you use the camera flash to cook the chicken? -Jonathan C.

If you eat that in rented accommodation you'll be penalised for keeping a pet. -Nathan C.

How you just gonna put Miley Cyrus ass on a plate with some veggies and call it dinner 🥘😂😂 -Zachary W.

What time's the funeral? Can I wear jeans? -Nathan P.

How did you cook this fookin thing!?! Leave it on the car bonnet on the way back from Tesco!? -Chris S.

Can the person who ate this please mark themselves as safe on facebook. thank you 😆 -Marie K.

One of my hot farts would get that chicken up to temperature better -Chris M.

I've got visions of the rest of that chicken dragging itself across the road trying to get away. -Ben C.

Micheal Jackson would have paid millions to be that colour. -Keith A.

My 9 year old daughter looks over my shoulder and she says “er, that chicken int cooked” 😂 -Luisa R.

If you could attach a wire to Aunt Bessie turning in her grave, it would generate enough electricity to actually power that oven!! -Richard S.

Anemic chicken, yorkies could be used in the discus olymics event, but on the plus side I like your red plate -Kathy T.

I'm sure they were going to cook it, they just chickened out... -Leo S.

Best served with a copy of your will. -David P.

Suitable for vegetarians...no dead meat on this plate. -Rachel G.

What the hell was that cooked on? a hot water bottle 2 minutes each side 😱 -Lisa M.

The radiant heat leftover from those beens should finish the job - Alex D.

5 mins each side on the back of a fuckin iphone wireless charger -Phil L.

No need for death row with that as a last meal -Charlie F.

The chicken looks like it's been left in the sun to cook... in winter -Jason B.

Anyone know if Taylor H has passed away? -Steven E.

You would have an arse like a fizzy drink if you ate that -Paul F.

Salmonella gives it five stars. -Jillian M.

Euthanasia by roast dinner -Alex G.

I'm not going to say it's under done...but I wouldn't be too shocked if it laid an egg while I was eating it 😊 -John E.

That's the most English looking plate of sadness I've ever seen. - Michael C.

"Carol carol we have a chicken with no pulse we need an iv of adrenaline straight away" puts glasses on... realises its his dinner his wife cooked him -Keiran G.

Looks like the chicken was cooked for 90 mins......under an energy saving lightbulb. Gross. -Robin T.

Roast Chicken? That chicken has not been Roasted... you have warmed it up with a hug!! -Sean B.

David Attenburgh called to ask if he could come and film them breaking out of the amniotic sack -Melanie L.

Did you put it on to boil in the washing machine 🙈 -Nicola C.

Jesus Harold Christ! Has that chicken been walked past the oven? -Carol M.

Like R Kelly... that chicken still believes he can fly -Colby P.

Imagine meeting someone, falling in love, getting married, first meal they cook for you as newlyweds is this... Oh dear. -Marie R.

Wonder how many people were harmed eating that chicken! -Belle S.

Did you just take the chicken out the packet and put it straight on to the plate? 😭 -Kerrie R.

Someone get that chicken a blood transfusion. If it try’s to stand up it’ll fall over. -Loraine E.

If your trying to kill your partner dont put the evidence on facebook -Mark G.

Looks like my exes vagina -Michelle P.

No thank you, I’ve already had diarrhoea. -Victoria F.

That chicken is so raw it just climbed back inside the egg -Neil M.

Even the beans are curlin up to get away from that bird -Phillip S.

Wtf those legs look raw enough to run back to the chicken 😖 -Gavski W.

Ask that fuckin chicken why it crossed road it’ll probably answer -Leon P.

does the chicken say "ouch" everytime you use a knife and fork on it? -Nate A.

I’ve seen crispier skin on a Brit on the beach in Weston-Super-Mare -Deborah L.

Why have you poured gravy on those new born puppies??? -Billy W.

I've seen people allergic to the sun with more colour... -Shane K.

Those are the most depressing green beans I’ve ever seen! I’d rather eat that dish towel -Gordon B.

The chicken needs a tourniquet to stop the bleeding!!! -Gareth D.

Gravy looks like puddle water -Danny J.

Ken what would make this dish look better?... if you sprinkled some dogshit over it. 👌👌 -Colin L.

Did you give it sleeping pills to keep it on the plate while you took the photo? -Jay R.

Why did the chicken cross the road? To find a decent oven -Ryan H.

I’ve caught bird flu looking at this picture 🙈😭 -Elizabeth A.

I love how cuisine is being pushed to new horizons everyday, I never thought I’d see chicken sushi -Aaron C.

Roast chicken? 🤔 More like salmonella chicken. JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL! 🤮 -Ricky R.

Chicken looks like something you'd find on an operating table 😂😂 -Frankie R.

Chicken looks like something you'd find on an operating table 😂😂 -Bev C.

Brexit looks better presented that that chicken! -Steven T.

Chicken looks like it's finished it's 4th round of chemo -Craig S.

Even the gravy wants nothing to do with the chicken 😂 -Dave W.


At this point, after 1,000 comments I had to stop - I couldn't handle anymore laughing.

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