Here’s hoping no-one saw two beautiful, perfectly dressed woman looking, playing and wading in a puddle at the Borrowdale Post Office. Why do you ask? Well we lost our cellphone and we are not sure where, so our first call of action was to look in a mud puddle because we think we got out of the car there and dropped it. However, we were not certain which puddle, so every puddle was investigated! We came out of there brown but not embarrassed as the phone was so much more important. Anyway, we did not find the cellphone so we are still searching for this elusive cellphone, which could possibly be anywhere within the borders of Zimbabwe.

To make matters even worse, my friend and I decided we were in a paranoid mood and were convinced someone had pinched the phone to get very important information on us two housewives. In our paranoia we decided to become part of the ‘No 1 Detective Agency’ and we decided that someone we knew needed to be followed to see if they were being truthful to us. So now we worried about the phone and this person we are following and we still full of mud.

I managed to find a cap to hide the very obvious blonde hair and my friend sat under the dashboard shouting instructions. As we see this person’s car coming out of a driveway we start following and are commending ourselves on how clever we are and what good disguises we have. We follow this person all the way to their driveway to find out, we had the wrong person. All we decided is that we were not good private detectives and we went home still convinced our cellphone, that was somewhere within the borders of Zimbabwe was being hacked and the SWAT team was sure to storm our house at any given moment.

On arriving home I had to explain to my folks why we were full of mud, why I had used half a tank of petrol and why we were leopard crawling to my room. Of course, they took everything in their stride and carried on watching tv.

In my absolute lunacy I decided I needed a tranquilizer – thankfully I can think properly every now and again – which I then took and managed to calm down and came out of hiding from under my bed.

I am now a day older and wiser and am at home looking for my unicorn I misplaced!

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Beautifully Broken

Beautifully Broken
by Janine Milliken
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Giggle! What an adventure. I wish I was there to film all of this!!! It would definitely be a YouTube moment!
William Du Plooy
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