Wordpress and Blogger are fast losing market share to a new craze: Medium. And if you are a blogger who hasn’t heard about it yet, which rock have you been living under?

Medium has certainly made ripples in the blogging industry. It’s a great concept, and easy to fall in love with… initially. But like an abusive, controlling lover, its flaws start to show quite quickly after you’ve started using it.

A large amount of bloggers use Medium because it already has millions of visitors, 60 million unique readers every month as of May 2017, according to the company itself. But, like Facebook, it could have so much more traffic. Medium allows a visitor to read about five stories a month and then forces them to buy a subscription before they are allowed to read anything more. Medium are essentially stifling their own growth, as well as the exposure of all their writers. It’s really unfair for new bloggers who are trying to build an audience. For writers who already have a large audience, growth becomes much slower. In comparison, CyberStudeo’s free platform has no limitations for visitors who are free to read as many articles as they want without ever paying for a subscription.

Bloggers work really hard to promote their writing and reach new audiences. However, posting a link to your latest Medium article is a terrible way of trying to gain new audiences. While a new visitor is reading part of your story, Medium is recommending far more interesting stories written by other people. In essence, you are bringing in more traffic for Medium – their recommendations for more popular posts are distracting the visitor you worked so hard to get. One click on someone else’s story and they have already forgotten about you without ever having gotten to know you. By comparison, CyberStudeo gives you a page that features your blog posts only and does not recommend any other articles from other writers on your page.

New writers on Medium have very few ways to monetize their writing, since the site doesn’t allow you to put up ads. Medium also doesn’t allow writers to send newsletters to their subscribers. What’s possibly worse is that Medium allows subscribers to opt out of receiving email notifications from bloggers they follow. That means your subscribers can choose not to be notified when you post something new. Email marketing and newsletters are important tools for bloggers because a visitor may forget about your blog, but they will never forget to check their inbox. In comparison, CyberStudeo gives you full newsletter functionality, with the ability to view the details of your subscribers and the option to download and backup subscriber data. Medium may shut down your account or be gone tomorrow and your audience and content will be gone with them.

If you want a full blogging experience on a free platform without any of the limitations, try CyberStudeo - we would just love to have you.


Medium is Stifling Your Growth

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