Before you even get started with your blog, you need to decide two things: First you need to decide what you’re going to write about. Also keep a second and more important question in mind: how are you are going to do it differently to make your content more appealing, entertaining or interactive?

There may be hundreds of thousands or even millions of blogs that cover the same topic, but that doesn’t mean they are all good. It also doesn’t mean they are well known. You can more than likely achieve better success if you write about it in a more entertaining way or do something differently. You can also achieve greater success with better tools and marketing.

When thinking about a topic, remember that many people have achieved incredible success by choosing a topic they were already passionate about: their hobby, their interest, or something they know a lot about. Try stick to the same concept. If you’re not interested or passionate about the topic you choose, blogging becomes a chore that you will eventually grow to dislike. If you are passionate about something, but don’t know much about it, you can always learn. Learning and research are part of the process that all bloggers inevitably face.

The rest of this post contains a relatively comprehensive list of ideas. To help you with this activity, grab a pen and paper and list any ideas that appeal to you. The most ideal way to make a list is to put a title and a brief description under it. Try to limit your title to 5 words or less for easy review and use the description to further elaborate any thoughts or additional ideas that come to mind. You don’t necessarily have to follow our descriptions.

As you read through our ideas, you might find that you come up with your own ideas – write them down. Literally anything that comes to your mind, even if you think it’s silly or unrealistic. We will go through your ideas a bit later in this book to refine them, so don’t hold back.

Remember also, that quite a few successful bloggers don’t cover one specific topic at all, but rather, they cover a variety of topics in an entertaining or unique way. Others cover a topic that is so broad it allows them to write about numerous sub topics. These types of blogs are a bit more difficult to find names for. Ideally read through all our ideas, even if they don’t interest you, because they might help you come up with your own ideas.

If you are already a fiction writer or poet with a bunch of published or unpublished works, poems, novels or short stories, you may find a blog useful to share some snippets of your work. Sharing your work in this way, will help you build a portfolio and a fan base. Beware of sharing work in which you have already sold the copyrights to a publisher. Check your contracts first.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Photographs are the new way to communicate. A picture has the power to take your breath away, make you laugh or move you to tears. People love pictures. For photographers and artists, a blog can also help you share your work, enable you to build a portfolio and establish a fan base. Rather than just posting pictures, consider adding a short story, phrase, metaphor or a touching quote for an even greater emotional impact. A short, moving snippet of fiction can create even more mystery and intrigue that keeps your readers coming back for more.

Musicians and songwriters can also use blogs to share their work, build a portfolio and establish a fan base in the same way. People love music almost as much, or even more than they love pictures. Song lyrics can be used to convey a great amount of emotion while still being mysterious and intriguing.

Photographers, musicians, writers and artists who prefer not to share their work may find it more interesting to share their skill, techniques and experience. Photographers can share tips on shutter speed, aperture, lighting and a whole host of other professional guides. Artists can share their drawing and painting techniques, or even teach art on their blog. The same applies to musicians. People love to find out what tools and software professional and experienced musicians are using or how to use them properly. This also opens up the world of video creation, editing and visual effects. And don’t forget 3D animation.

Besides actually publishing your own work, perhaps you prefer to give career guidance. There are a vast range of topics that can fall into this category: How to structure and write a resume or CV, how to create a business plan, how to set daily goals and work towards them, career path guidance for young students or college graduates, identifying strengths and weaknesses and using them to benefit your career.

On the other hand, perhaps you are one of the few who absolutely loves your job and can write about it in intricate detail. Perhaps you can give advice or guidance about the specific job industry that you work in. Fiction publishers and agents can have a field day with this area of blogging. There are thousands of aspiring authors around the world every day who don’t know how to write a novel, get published or query an agent. Maybe your experience in your particular job or industry can help someone else realize their dream.

How about a motivational blog if you are a motivational speaker? Most people just love compliments or find out what little habits they can use to help them become more successful in life.
Perhaps you are a doctor or nurse and can give health and medical advice on your blog.

If you have an informed, insightful opinion or an interesting way to communicate your opinions, you might try a political news blog. Or possibly just a blog that filters out all the political spin and helps readers break down the facts.

You could also consider a news blog for a particular state, province, region, area or country. A blogger in the United States might find it helpful to focus on news from third world countries around the world. So many people in first world countries have no clue what’s going on in the rest of the world.

Post anything even slightly controversial on Facebook and you can almost be sure that friends and family will jump right in and give their own opinion. It’s basic human nature. We all hold fundamental beliefs and ideologies. A blog in which you give your opinion on news or current affairs, especially issues that are controversial, is sure to get a lot of comments and interaction. On the other hand you risk losing followers who strongly disagree with you or who feel offended by your content. But this, in itself is a filtering process that ensure that your loyal followers keep coming back and that your marketing efforts are targeting only the people who care about what you have to say.

There are quite a few other ideas for this category: Report positive news only or put a positive spin on current affairs, expose lies or inaccuracies in news reports, report on a particular topic only, or do extensive research into a news story and give readers a whole history and facts on the topic so that they can understand what’s happening now and why.

At the other end of the spectrum, there’s always celebrity news and gossip. Actually, one of the most successful blogs in the world, receiving about 15 million visitors and an estimated half a million dollars in revenue a month, deals with this topic. The controversial gossip website, run by Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr., aka ‘Perez Hilton’, shares scandalous celebrity news and gossip. Perez made his blog unique by adding a more personal commentary and annotating some of the pictures.

Numerous people around the world follow the news very closely, and most of them love getting a small digest of the latest headlines to their inbox. That said, don’t bombard or annoy your subscribers with newsletters and emails and keep them short. It’s easy for someone to click the unsubscribe link, block your emails or worse: report your blog for sending out spam.

We mentioned Perez Hilton as being one of the more successful blogs with an estimated half a million dollars in monthly revenue. If you go onto the internet and search for “most successful blogs” you will find most of the ones listed are technology blogs.

There will always be people who struggle with the internet, computers, mobile phones, tablets, kindles, televisions and every other device you can think of. A blog that provides troubleshooting information, tutorials and just about any other content is sure to attract many followers.

Many people have built successful blogs around helping people with their operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Mac OSx, Linux, Android – the list goes on. You could even dig deeper and focus on individual software products like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or the entire Office suite of programs. There is a huge population of people who don’t know how to create a basic formula in Excel, or use advanced formatting in Word. Don’t forget products like Photoshop, Gimp, Inkscape, Audacity and a whole host of others.

If you are a programmer or developer you can always share source code, or help people find bugs in their own code. When it comes to monetizing you might even consider selling some of your source code, templates, or programs. We will go into detail about monetizing your work a bit later in this book.

Many people have made good money selling Microsoft Office templates, Screen Savers or even Wall Paper. Don’t forget customized icons that people can use on their computers. Fonts and Type Faces are also in great demand by designers. If it’s something you’re interested in, learn how to design and publish these.

One blogger made a fortune just by browsing the internet all day and recommending some of the best sites he came across to his followers! People love to hear about websites with interesting information, or features and functions that help them get their work done quicker and easier.
Car reviews are also becoming popular. There are a large amount of people who will take time to find out about the features of a vehicle before purchasing a new one. And then there are people who just love to collect pictures of classic and modern cars alike.

You’ve probably searched the internet for a recipe at some point in your life. Cooking blogs can be extremely popular. But remember to think about how you will do it differently. So many of the recipes online are complicated, expensive, or require ingredients that can’t be found in some places around the world. How many times have you wondered what to have for dinner? There are millions of people around the world asking the same question every night. Many will turn to the internet for an answer: are you ready to create a blog that will show up first in the search engines. You could focus on a specific cuisine, or publish only the recipes that you have found to be deliciously life changing. How about gourmet dishes? Eating healthy has also become a big trend around the world.

For more ideas, think Martha Stewart: Hosting tips, gardening, interior design, cooking and the list goes on. Perhaps you want to focus on home-made crafts, recycling in the home, or reducing household waste. You could focus your blog on something very specific – like how to grow roses, or a broader topic – like all the housekeeping ideas we have discussed so far.

This category of blogs can also include child care, parenting tips and pregnancy. Don’t forget our furry friends: blogs that cater specifically to cats, dogs, parrots and all manner of pets are extremely popular. Did you know that it’s possible to train a cat in a similar way that you can train a dog? Neither do some many other people around the world, but they would love to read about it on your shiny new blog.

A large amount of blogs are devoting their attention to wine and its place in fine dining. Wine reviews are also highly sought after.

Health and Fitness
Exercise, weight-loss, and healthy eating have made a huge comeback worldwide. People all around the world are desperate to find a solution that works for them. And if this is your area of expertise, perhaps you can even spend time customizing different solutions for different lifestyles, because many people have come to the realization that one solution doesn’t fit all!

There are numerous blogs oriented around herbal and natural remedies, rather than reaching for a pill or drug with harmful side effects. And lots of people scour fitness magazines for easy exercise routines.

One thing you should keep in mind, however, is that most people have become numb to the quick fixes and fad diets that don’t work. Most people will see through a blog that promotes an unhealthy lifestyle and quick fixes and you may end up losing more followers than you gain once they’ve tried it and find that it doesn’t work for them. The best policy is to be honest, encourage people and remind them that pursuing a healthy lifestyle is difficult and takes time and persistence (just like blogging!)

Reviews have become a big part of consumer research. A large number of people will read a review about a product, service, book or movie before buying it. Give your readers, honest and humorous reviews and they may well keep coming back to your blog whenever they have a question about something else.

Besides products, services, books and movies, there are also a lot of reviews about other websites, potential online scams, restaurants, hotels and just about anything else you can think of.

For this section, think relationship advice, parenting advice, financial and time management advice, self-improvement and just about any other advice you could think of. A popular magazine used to publish a “Dear Aunt Jane” column, where people could write in with all manner of problems that plagued their lives and “Aunt Jane” would give them the most humorous advice. In most cases, the advice was impractical or next to useless, but it became popular because people found it extremely entertaining. If you can get a blog like this off the ground, you’ll be well on your way to success. You may have to make up the first few letters from readers before readers will actually start to submit their own. And you really need to have a sense of humor or sarcasm to pull this off effectively.

On the other end of the spectrum you may consider serious, practical advice. In some cases you may have to scour the depths of the internet to find solutions. The internet is your greatest friend when it comes to blogging as we will show you later when we give you a large list of resources. Don’t forget about self-help and self-improvement blogs.

Besides advice, you can also give your own opinions. You can be sure that there are numerous people out there who have the same opinions. The key to making this blog a success is being able to articulate your opinions as directly as possible in as few words as possible so that it resonates with your readers. If one of your readers can refer a friend to your blog by saying, “He explains it better than I can,” you’ve won! You can give opinions, backed with facts, logic and evidence to further persuade your readers if you want to. Choose any topic for your opinions: current affairs, news or controversial issues that plague societies all over the world.

Financial advice, economics, investment and trading blogs are also popular. Consider helping people with budgets, advice to help them pay off their credit cards, mortgages, loans or debts quicker.

Financial planning, savings and investment advice are also becoming the topic of hot debate around the world.

Cryptocurrencies are also making a huge impact currently. Crypto traders and the general public are fascinated by this new form of money that they can easily and instantly trade on the internet for large profits. Make sure you know what you are doing. This type of blog works best if you have extensive experience and success in the industry already.

Be wary of these topics though and if necessary add a disclaimer to your blog. It also helps if you have already worked and have experience in the financial industry, or are wealthy. People generally don’t take financial advice from people who are struggling to make their own finances work.

Don’t forget the all-important, ever present travel blogs. If you are fortunate enough to be able to travel extensively, photographs and short stories about your travels are gobbled up by readers all over the internet. These types of blogs are an excellent idea if you work on a cruise ship, or an airline or generally have some sort of career that allows you to travel.

Even if you are not fortunate enough to be able to travel the world, how about writing about your own city, town, or country? Your city can provide you with an unlimited amount of material for your blog and tourists who are planning to visit the area may find your blog valuable. When thinking about your area, consider the hotels, restaurants, museums and other places you could write about.

Museums alone can provide a wealth of content for your blog – especially history museums whose artifacts and displays have a whole history and story behind them.

If you’re good at making people laugh, go ahead and try a humor blog, or better yet, combine a bit of humor into any of the other ideas above. Try graphical jokes like cartoons, simple one liners, or even short humor stories. Like the news blogs above, people love to receive this type of stuff in their inbox and most are likely to forward it onto friends and family. In some cases you don’t even have to have a humorous personality – you can pick up unlimited open source content that gets passed around the internet anyway. Just beware of copyright infringement. People who are bored or feeling down will often visit sites where they can find entertainment and distractions. If you can make people laugh with quality content they are likely to remember your site and come back for more. If you can sketch a decent picture, try jokes with humorous sketches for even more impact.

One blogger actually made a tremendous success out of a comic character who seemed to be plagued by Murphy’s Law. Aunty Acid (Facebook Link) achieved tremendous success very quickly by simply creating a fictional cartoon character who shared her “Murphy’s Law” thoughts with the world. The creators of the blog monetized by selling merchandise such as mugs, t-shirts, books and hilarious greeting cards. However, the blog seems to have gone slightly off track of its original idea and now the Facebook Page shares stuff that is completely unrelated to the blog. Many people started unfollowing it after a while – which is an important lesson in itself.

At the other end of the spectrum, if you are into conspiracy theories: you’re not alone. Dedicate your blog to this contentious topic and you are bound to have a lot of loyal followers and even haters. But as long as the haters keep coming back for more, you’re earning money! In a similar category, perhaps you are into folklore, star signs, fortune telling or predictions. There a people all around the world who love this type of content. Another similarly related topic idea would be paranormal, ghosts, aliens, UFO’s, miracles, mysteries and other strange occurrences. If this is a topic that interests you, once your blog is well established, you are sure to get many people writing to you with stories of their own – which you can usually get permission to use as posts for your blog.

If you are fortunate enough to have access to celebrities, important people, or even just interesting people, a blog dedicated to interviews will be sure to grab attention. The key to this kind of blog is asking the right questions – the questions that your readers would like to know about. Perhaps you are a freelance or photo journalist and would like to expand your work with a blog.

Don’t forget tutorials, guides and “how to” tips on just about any topic you can conjure up.
There are many fascinating facts about the earth and the universe that you would build an entire blog around. There are also some beautiful places in the world, and you don’t even need to travel to them to write about them. The internet and your local library is your best friend for research and content ideas.

Blogs actually started as personal online journals, so if you think your life is fascinating enough for people to want to read about, you can create a blog based around that. A large number of wealthy young people have taken to blogging to show off their lifestyles and the products they use, as well as the clothing and accessories they wear. Some have even dedicated their blogs to the extravagant parties they host.

In some cases your life and day to day activities don’t even have to be fascinating: you can achieve success if you can write about mundane topics in expressive, humorous or entertaining ways. We all have memories that we cherish, and blogging is such a great way to share and preserve them for years to come. So maybe you don’t even care if you get any other readers besides your friends and family. Shockingly many blogs that started off with the idea to preserve family memories ended up becoming hugely successful to the surprise of their creators.

If you can turn a mundane event, such as a trip to your local supermarket, into an entertaining story that gets your readers spitting out their coffee with howls of laughter, you already have a unique ability to draw in readers. Recounting amusing stories that you have experienced in real life, or even making up your own is another good way to draw in followers.

As a last resort, grab an encyclopedia, atlas, history book, or the Guinness Book of World Records and have a quick browse through it. You are bound to pick up something that interests you – something you can create an entire blog around. Get onto YouTube and search for something that interests you, then let the videos start rolling automatically. It gives you a chance to see what other people are doing and may well give you some ideas of your own.

Believe it or not, there are people who get paid a fortune to play computer games all day! They are usually hired by big companies to test the games. A new line of bloggers have emerged out of this industry, providing cheats, strategies, and advice to get gamers out of sticky situations or conquer a difficult level. If you like playing games and find it generally easy to finish the entire game you might consider giving people gaming advice on your blog. You can complement your advice with your own strategies and even game reviews.

Have you ever watched a TV program and wondered why you didn’t come up with a similar idea? Perhaps it’s not too late to try out a similar idea in a slightly different way.

If you’re still stuck for ideas, send us an email with a list of your interests and skills and we will do our best to help.

We hope that these last few pages have given you lots of ideas of your own. There is literally no shortage of things to blog about. The founder of the National Geographic Society had a very broad list of ideas for the society when he said, “The world and all that is in it.” The same phrase can be applied to blogging.

Remember also, that blogging is not just writing. You can have an audio blog in which you publish sound tracks, instrumental music, or music that you have created yourself. Picture blogs are common, and video blogs are so popular that they even have their own special name. “Vlogs” are blogs in which the postings are primarily in video form. Many people have taken to Youtube for their video blogs and have created hugely successful followings. Later we will discuss how you can combine your blog with a few different social media platforms to really maximize your success. But first, we need to narrow and refine your list – we hope you have several pages of ideas by now.


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