Although I would imagine that hippie chickies are amongst the most intriguing and/or exciting women to be around, I get that we are not everybody’s cup of tea. I am my own leader and champion, and I don't mind being outside of the cool kid circle and being on my own.

I am a dreamer and a creator – I dream about places I want to visit, people I may meet, and by stifling that desire, you kill my mojo. Allow me the freedom to dream away, and I may just find the road that takes me to those places, even if it is the road less travelled. I like to create with colour, things that I find beautiful but tomorrow the medium may change, and the beauty is that I can start over again with a new creation. I believe anything is possible if you put your mind to it and if you don’t agree, leave me to dream my dream.

As a Hippie Chick (HC), I want to be accepted for who I am – I don't judge you for your differences so please don't be quick to judge my wonderful quirkiness, my eclectic-ness and beliefs as I am happy to not be around you. Being an open-minded free spirit, I need my space and really enjoy learning and appreciating new things. I am like a changing tide that is continuously evolving, and I am not the same person I was even 3 years ago – I believe that change is necessary to grow as a person and enjoy exploring new territories, new cultures, new music and new ideas.

I genuinely believe that people come into our lives for a reason or a season and I endeavour to leave each relationship richer for knowing each person even if they did not always do the right thing by me. All friendships are based on trust and mutual admiration, but people do move onto a new season.

Travel, travel, travel – be it down the road, different regions, different countries and if it includes a passport, then that can only be majorly exciting. I think my new buzzword is TRIP - road trip, foot trip, beach trip, mountain trip – I am in like Flynn.

Spontaneity is definitely for me – I LUV IT. Last minute plans with exclamations of …… “shall we!” – Yes, Let’s …….

I love an intellectual debate or philosophical conversation, it’s part of growing and exploring and ensures I don’t get bored. When I do get bored or irritated, I will tend to shut off and go daydream travelling to all those magical or unmagical places I will be visiting. I love information – in-depth essential facts, or just general knowledge little titbits that people pick up along the way that I didn’t know – about many diverse subjects.

I cannot give my heart to just anybody – I have to have a connection with their soul as that is love to me – two souls meeting and connecting on a deeper level, that’s what it is all about.

I detest conflict and confrontation and will usually walk away from it, BUT if it's ongoing, I will leave as it kills my spirit. I dislike wars and cruelty of any kind – to people, to animals or any other sentient being. I cry in movies, but I consider that strength as it measures my empathy and proves my heart is tender. When I am passionate about something, you will know by the light and fire in my eyes and the breathlessness in my voice. I forgive quickly but am also very intuitive, and I will pick up on false or fake apologies.

I am a wanderer who is not afraid to be lost – all those who wander are not lost. I always find my way and love meeting new people, exploring new places and experiencing new adventures.
MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC – lyrics are not just words but stories of my life, of experiences, of love given, love lost, new beginnings, endings – all wrapped up in bundles of hours of my life.
If anyone wants to sweep me off my feet … there is a saying: The sexiest thing a man can do to his woman is crawl inside her mind and make her imagination run wild. This I believe, and an intelligent man is very admirable and sexy.

I am true to myself, and I would like people to accept me for whom I am, I will give them the same courtesy. I can live without people or a partner in my life, but choose not to. If you are my soulmate – I will pick you over everybody else any day. I am not perfect at all and don't expect my partner to be either.

I am thankful for a difficult upbringing as my strength has come from that which almost killed me but luckily made me stronger. I know that bad times come and go, and I don’t panic during these times as this is just normal life and I avoid unnecessary drama.

I do believe that Hippie Chickies are irresistible, easy to love and unique – find us and see for yourself, and you will be pleasantly surprised.


Why I consider myself to be a Hippie Chick

Hippie Chickie
A Hippie Life
Hippie Soul Girl
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