If you are already a fiction writer or poet with a bunch of published or unpublished works, poems, novels or short stories, you may find a blog useful to share some snippets of your work. Sharing your work in this way, will help you build a portfolio and a fan base. Beware of sharing work in which you have already sold the copyrights to a publisher. Check your contracts first.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Photographs are the new way to communicate. A picture has the power to take your breath away, make you laugh or move you to tears. People love pictures. For photographers and artists, a blog can also help you share your work, enable you to build a portfolio and establish a fan base. Rather than just posting pictures, consider adding a short story, phrase, metaphor or a touching quote for an even greater emotional impact. A short, moving snippet of fiction can create even more mystery and intrigue that keeps your readers coming back for more.

Musicians and songwriters can also use blogs to share their work, build a portfolio and establish a fan base in the same way. People love music almost as much, or even more than they love pictures. Song lyrics can be used to convey a great amount of emotion while still being mysterious and intriguing.

Photographers, musicians, writers and artists who prefer not to share their work may find it more interesting to share their skill, techniques and experience. Photographers can share tips on shutter speed, aperture, lighting and a whole host of other professional guides. Artists can share their drawing and painting techniques, or even teach art on their blog. The same applies to musicians. People love to find out what tools and software professional and experienced musicians are using or how to use them properly. This also opens up the world of video creation, editing and visual effects. And don’t forget 3D animation.

Besides actually publishing your own work, perhaps you prefer to give career guidance. There are a vast range of topics that can fall into this category: How to structure and write a resume or CV, how to create a business plan, how to set daily goals and work towards them, career path guidance for young students or college graduates, identifying strengths and weaknesses and using them to benefit your career.

On the other hand, perhaps you are one of the few who absolutely loves your job and can write about it in intricate detail. Perhaps you can give advice or guidance about the specific job industry that you work in. Fiction publishers and agents can have a field day with this area of blogging. There are thousands of aspiring authors around the world every day who don’t know how to write a novel, get published or query an agent. Maybe your experience in your particular job or industry can help someone else realize their dream.

How about a motivational blog if you are a motivational speaker? Most people just love compliments or to find out what little habits they can use to help them become more successful in life. Perhaps you are a doctor or nurse and can give health and medical advice on your blog.

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