I've been interested in blogging for quite some time, but found it extremely difficult to get started. When you work on a tight budget you rely a lot on free tools. And all the free tools I found were either too complicated to use, took too long to setup, or gave me too much customization, so I ended up with a result I didn't like. I also found it rediculous that free platforms limited features that all bloggers use. Why couldn't everything like metics, mailing lists and ecommerce all be on one site? These and other problems, let me to design my own platform.

CyberStudeo's blogging platform is quite basic right now, but I'm developing it and adding more features. I have a host of ideas that I'm working on and adding. Besides all the great features, I wanted to make it easy - and automate as much of the process as possible - because duplicating work is inefficient.

I think a turning point came for me, when I tried to get into Google Adsense. It was such a nightmare to apply, and I constantly got rejected. CJ Affiliates was no better. They expected me to have 10,000 site visitors before I could apply. Blogging really shouldn't be this difficult. I hope that this platform, with it's constant new tools and features will make getting started easier for other writers and bloggers.

- William


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