Have you ever felt like your dreams are bigger than you are?

Like wanting to travel to exotic places or become a millionaire or write a best-selling book? Dreams so grand, so distant, they seem like stars glittering and unreachable in the night.

And what of the small dreams? The everyday ones?

Like going back to school, falling in love, or landing a better paying job. Those things aren’t unreachable — people do it all the time — and yet … it still seems so difficult. Sure, you know it’s possible, theoretically, but with everything you’re dealing with, you can’t for the life of you see how it’s possible for you to do it. At least not right now.

Money, time, current responsibilities, past commitments — there are a gazillion obstacles standing in your way. The idea of dealing with all those things, of overcoming them, of finally getting into a position where you can do what you’ve always dreamed about … it seems nearly impossible. Not as distant as the stars, perhaps, but it would certainly be like walking on the moon.

The good news?

While I can’t say overcoming all those obstacles will be easy, it’s certainly possible. In many ways, I’m living proof.

I have a type of muscular dystrophy called SMA that slowly makes you weaker and weaker until you can’t move at all. In my early 20s, I lost the ability to move anything but my face, and I was totally dependent on welfare to survive. Even the simplest dreams like getting a job, taking a vacation, or renting my own apartment seemed as impossible as walking on the moon or circling the stars.

And yet … years later, I’ve accomplished each and every one of those things.

Not only did I get a job, but I used speech recognition software and a lip-operated mouse to start an online magazine that’s now worth millions of dollars.

Not only did I take a vacation, but I convinced my caregivers to help me travel across the United States and Mexico.

Not only did I rent my own apartment, but I could afford to live in luxury, a stone’s throw away from the ocean.

Was any of it easy? Simple? Fast?

Hell no. Building the life of my dreams was the scariest, most difficult thing I’ve ever done.

But I did it. Not through luck or genius or powerful connections, but by learning to use my brain in a way that few people do.

In this post, I’ll show you the exact method I used to make it all happen. Nothing for sale, and no “woo woo” stuff. This is the entire method, and it’s packed with actionable (albeit difficult) advice.

Let’s get started.


Jon Morrow is the founder and CEO of SmartBlogger.com and Unstoppable.me - He has overcome extreme odds and built himself a business that's worth millions of dollars, even though he only has the ability to move his face. To read this full blog post, go to: How to Accomplish Big Things, Even When You Feel Small


How to Accomplish Big Things

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