Before you even get started with your blog, you need to decide two things: First you need to decide what you’re going to write about. As you read through this series and get ideas for your blog's topic, we also want you to keep a second and more important question in mind: how are you are going to do it differently to make your content more appealing, entertaining or interactive?

There may be hundreds of thousands or even millions of blogs that cover the same topic, but that doesn’t mean they are all good. It also doesn’t mean they are well known. You can more than likely achieve better success if you write about it in a more entertaining way or do something differently. You can also achieve greater success with better tools and marketing.

When thinking about a topic, remember that many people have achieved incredible success by choosing a topic they were already passionate about: their hobby, their interest, or something they know a lot about. Try stick to the same concept. If you’re not interested or passionate about the topic you choose, blogging becomes a chore that you will eventually grow to dislike. If you are passionate about something, but don’t know much about it, you can always learn. Learning and research are part of the process that all bloggers inevitably face.

In this series, we will give you a comprehensive list of ideas. To help you with this activity, grab a pen and paper and list any ideas that appeal to you. The most ideal way to make a list is to put a title and a brief description under it. Try to limit your title to 5 words or less for easy review and use the description to further elaborate any thoughts or additional ideas that come to mind. You don’t necessarily have to follow our descriptions. Since people learn best from examples, the example list below is assumed to be from a person who is interested in homemaking and holds qualifications in architecture, interior design and landscaping but is also thinking of venturing outside of these and complementing the blog with other topics of interest.

• Home and Garden Blog
Publish the recipes that Gran has been collecting for all those years. Post landscaping and gardening tips, handy hints and household cleaning tips. Post interior design tips, and use of colors. Consider parenting tips also.

• Landscaping and Interior Design
Publish some of my architectural designs with commentary. Publish some of my landscaping designs, water feature designs with commentary.

As you read through our ideas, you might find that you come up with your own ideas – write them down. Literally anything that comes to your mind, even if you think it’s silly or unrealistic. We will go through your ideas a bit later in this book to refine them, so don’t hold back.

Remember also, that quite a few successful bloggers don’t cover one specific topic at all, but rather, they cover a variety of topics in an entertaining or unique way. Others cover a topic that is so broad it allows them to write about numerous sub topics. These types of blogs are a bit more difficult to find names for, but we guide you through the naming process in our free Blogging Guide ebook. Ideally read through all our ideas, even if they don’t interest you, because they might help you come up with your own ideas.

Part Two Coming Soon.

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