Our Printable Kit has been launched. In order to build a model of the ship, you will need the following materials.

15 Sheets of Heavy Cardstock:
Each sheet needs to be approximately 35 inches long, 25 inches wide (89.5cm x 63.5cm) and approximately 1.5mm thick. Anything greater than 1.5mm becomes too difficult to cut, and anything less than 1.2mm becomes too flimsy to support the decks. You can find some of this heavy cardstock on Amazon: Heavy Card or here: Heavy Card. This material is referred to as “Heavy Card” in the instructions.

100 Sheets of Card Stock:
100 sheets of plain white, A4 card stock, between 200gsm and 220gsm. Make sure that you have a printer which is compatible with the weight you choose. Ideally, both sides should be plain, without a textured or glossy finish. You can get 200gsm card stock on Amazon: CardStock. UK based people can get some from here: CardStock. This material will be referred to as “200gsm CardStock” in the instructions.

Black and White Laser Printer:
Black and white laser printers work well for the high volume of printing you will be doing. This printer needs to be able to print on the card stock you chose previously. Otherwise, consider getting the printing done at a print shop.

Color Laser or Inkjet Printer:
You will need a color printer for parts such as floor boards, windows, and various finished parts that need to be in color.

Ream of Plain Paper:
Approximately 500 sheets of A4, white bond office paper (80gsm). This is the type that’s typically used for home and office printing. The paper should not have a glossy or textured finish. Order some from Amazon: Plain Paper or if you are in the UK from here: Plain Paper. This material will be referred to as “80gsm Plain Paper” in the assembly instructions.

100 Sheets Newsprint Paper:
Approximately 100 sheets of A4, 60gsm newsprint paper. Be cautious when running this type of paper through your printer. Its lighter weight may cause it to crumple or jam in the printer. Ideally run one sheet through at a time. You can order this newsprint on Amazon: Newsprint. This material will be referred to as “60gsm Newsprint Paper” in the assembly instructions.

Liquid Paper Glue:
A few bottles (approximately 1 liter) of transparent, liquid paper glue. You can get some liquid paper glue from Amazon: Liquid Paper Glue.

Glue Sticks:
Approximately 350g of paper glue sticks. You can get a pack of 60 from Amazon: Glue Sticks.

Plain White, Cake Flour:
You will need approximately 2kg of plain, white cake flour without any self-raising agents. This will be used to make a paste that works well with paper mache.

Mixing Bowl:
You will need a small mixing bowl that can hold about 500ml of liquid.

Other Tools:
You will need a 30cm (12inch) ruler with markings in centimeters on one side and millimeters on the other side. You can also use one marked with centimeters and inches if you prefer.
You will need a strong pair of sharp scissors as well as a craft knife with some spare blades. You can get a craft knife from Amazon: Craft Knife.
In addition, you will also need some colored pens, preferably, Red, Blue and Black. Ball point pens are ideal because you will need to be able to press down firmly.
Later in the project you will require paint and paint brushes. Sizes and color samples will be advised in later issues as they become necessary. In the meantime, it’s a good idea to get 1 liter of white paint and 1 liter of black paint. Use craft paint, or a water-based acrylic PVA with a low sheen – preferably one that has a gloss level of between 20 – 30%. Avoid oil based or high glossy paints.


Materials Required to Build Your Model

Printable Model Kit
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