It was on a summer night in 1907, that a dream to build the most fantastic ship ever conceived began in London. Titanic continues to be one of the most infamous and beautiful ships of all time. The legend and mystery surrounding the Titanic has endured for over 100 years and has fascinated audiences before, and long after that fateful night when she slipped violently beneath the waves.

She was designed to be the greatest achievement in an era marked by prosperity, confidence and technological advances. But little did the owners know that their greatest dream would lie wrecked at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean on its first voyage.

The Titanic has always held a special place in my heart. This ambitious project has taken up many hours of my time, over many years, but it has been extremely rewarding. From the very beginning, my intention was to make it available to the public, but I've never felt that it was good enough. After years of tinkering, it's still not perfect, but it's a great start. I hope to bring you an even bigger, more accurate model in the future.

Build your own replica of the Titanic out of paper and cardstock at a 1:160 scale. The completed ship is slightly less than two meters long. The scale is a compromise between size and detail: It's not so big that you can't easily construct and display it, but not so small that minute details are eliminated. This subscription includes several volumes of E-books that provide simple, yet detailed instructions as well as assembly parts that can be printed on your home or office printer.

The first issue, Volume 1 is being released on the 1st of November, 2018. It will be available for pre-order on our website in a few days.


Welcome Aboard

Printable Model Kit
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